Axe Security  has a full GH100,000 workman’s compensation insurance policy to protect our employees from injuries that may arise while in the scope of their duties. Axe Security believes in providing a safe workplace for each and every employee. We have instituted several workplace educational programs to help reduce the risk of injury to our employees. 

What distinguishes Axe Security from other guard services can be summed up in one word: People. We have one of the most stringent hiring standards in the industry. Fewer than 15% of all applicant interviewees will ever be hired. 

Each new applicant must successfully pass: 

• Prior employment verification
• Two personal interview sessions
• Drug and alcohol testing
• Comprehensive criminal history check
• Personality profile questionnaire

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Once an applicant is hired by Axe Security  they must then undergo a comprehensive orientation and training program. All of our newly hired security officers must complete a 25-hour training and orientation session, which include the following topics: 

• Public relations
• Basic duties and responsibilities
• Report writing personal conduct
• Legal authority and limitations
• Basic first aid and fire protection
• Uniforms and appearance
• Methods of communication
• Crime prevention
• Company policies

Our workman's compensation insurance  limits. 

Continuing Training & In-Service Workshops

All of our security officers continue their training and experience through mandatory Axe Security  in-service workshops, that are held every six months. These workshops continuously retrain and refresh all of our security officers on all new laws, techniques, and procedures of the security service industry. 


Our experienced management team can provide a detailed risk-free consultation and quote for any security services that you may need. Through a no obligation consultation, we will be able to determine your exact needs and specifications. 

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