Axe Security  is a licensed Ghanaian PPO (Private Patrol Operator) 
Axe Security  is licensed in Ghana by the Ministry of Interior  to provide security guard and patrol services. The principals involved in the company have passed an extensive state background screening and comprehensive written examination regarding laws, procedures, and ethics in the operation of a security company. 

Axe Security  is licensed by local cities. 
Axe Security  operates in several different cities in Ghana. Axe Security  meets all laws and licensing regulations wherever it operates. 

Axe Security  is liability insured for up to GH100,000 in the unlikely event of negligence or malpractice by our employees or company. Furthermore, Axe Security  has a comprehensive "umbrella policy" which provides additional coverage to our General Liability, Worker's Compensation, and Automobile insurance policies. Axe Security believes in and provides a comprehensive employee training program to limit and eliminate and undue liability or claims.