Axe Security Systems is an Accra based Security and Guarding Services Company incorporated in 2007 as a wholly owned Ghana business with the mandate to meet the growing demand of clients who require security services to protect their lives and hard earned properties.

We have an enviable reputation of providing tailor made security solutions for clients in Ghana. This comes at the backdrop of continuously performing risk assessments of our operations and taking into account clients security challenges so that we can provide State of the Art solutions to address their challenges. Consistently, we have been touted as the Security company of choice because of our comprehensive and effective crime prevention, protection and precautionary principles exhibited at our places of work. 

A security plan is only viable and effective when all stakeholders are involved, committed and consider security as everybody's business. We provide quarterly security awareness and customer service training programs for our guards, this helps our guards to have first hand information in anticipating clients need and then satisfying it profitably.

Our incident reporting form also helps us to investigate all incidents that happens at operational areas to ascertain whether they were human errors or equipment failures.

We hope to establish a long lasting business relationship with you.

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Our experienced management team can provide a detailed risk-free consultation and quote for any security services that you may need. Through a no obligation consultation, we will be able to determine your exact needs and specifications. 

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